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Spoleto Study Abroad
Summer Program in English
May 11 to June 8, 2022



The ancient hilltop town of Spoleto sits at the foot of the Umbrian Valley in the province of Perugia. Situated between Florence and Rome, it’s a town with an official history dating to 241 BC, but which reaches hundreds of years further back, when the Umbrians made the town a fortress for its position overlooking the valley. Roman ruins are found everywhere in the city, and when renovations and rebuilding of structures occurs, new discoveries are often made of Roman pavement, foundations, and mosaic floors. Since 1958, Spoleto has served as home for the world-renowned Festival dei Due Mondi, the Festival of Two Worlds, founded by composer Giancarlo Menotti and featuring chamber and classical music concerts, opera, drama, jazz, and the fine arts. When in the 1970s Menotti went looking for a city in North America for a second festival, he chose Charleston, South Carolina, for its history, architecture, and beauty. Now Charleston is not only home to Spoleto Festival, USA, but also Spoleto’s sister city, a relationship the Spoleto Summer Study Abroad Program celebrates every year with a visit to the mayor of the town.

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